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Have you ever... I HAVE!
Have you?
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6th-Aug-2007 11:23 pm(no subject)
Vicious Trollop
Have you ever received a massage at work? In the middle of a call? From your boss?

I have. Really don't know how to feel about that.
6th-Aug-2007 01:04 pm(no subject)
Have you ever gone to KFC and had them tell you that they ran out of chicken?

I have. I was a bit disturbed. :/
6th-Jul-2007 12:43 pm(no subject)
Have you ever been having an "intimate moment" with your significant other and start thinking about R.L. Stine's Goosebumps series and wondering what he's doing in his career now?

I have. Please, don't ask why. The mind wanders. ;p
6th-Apr-2007 03:21 pm(no subject)
Have you ever been running from a firework and ran threw a sliding door?

I have
20th-Nov-2006 07:38 pm(no subject)
Have you ever played House of the Dead 4 in the arcade, then gone to reload the gun and hit yourself in the face?

I have. I don't think anybody saw. :o
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